Noodler's Ink Fountain Pens

Noodler's Inks are 100% made in the USA and is recognizable by its catfish label symbolizing a southern sport that attempts to equalize the struggle between man and animal in the quest for a sense of fair play (and fair price). Noodler's pens, their ink, and their sense of fair play provide a compelling product for those intrigued by fountain pens, and especially flex pens! If you don't mind tinkering (you can dismantle the whole pen) to get the most out of your pen, then Noodler's Ink is for you! A flex nib allows you to put a little pressure on the nib (usually on the downward strokes) to separate the tines and allow for more ink flow. The result is a line with a width proportional to pressure used - or in layman's terms, fancy fonts! Of course, practice makes perfect.