• Lamy Al-star, Vibrant Pink

    The Lamy Al-star, Vibrant Pink Fountain Pen and Ink

  • Monteverde Ink Cartridges

    Monteverde Ink Cartridges

  • Conklin Fountain Pens

    Conklin Fountain Pens

  • Bottled Ink by Waterman Paris

    Bottled Ink by Waterman Paris

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Knight's Writing Company is a Canadian e-commerce store with offices located in Barrie, just north of Toronto. We love fountain pens and fine paper and we absolutely love beautiful coloured ink! We love the ever lasting experience of putting pen to paper.

If you need a stationery store near to Toronto then please spend some time with us on our website. We are a small family run business and currently stock a number of fountain pens and other writing related products. We're a new pen shop, but keep an eye on our store in the coming weeks to see more Japanese fountain pens, Pilot fountain pens, Rhodia notebooks, Clairefontaine notebooks, Kaweco pens, inks from Noodler's Ink, J. Herbin ink, Parker pens, Waterman, and many more.

In the near future we will stock roller ball pens, ball point pens, and any other writing products we can think of! If there is a product you'd like but that we don't stock then please drop us a line. We may be able to get it for you.

Be sure to find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and follow our blog for useful tips on fountain pens, ink, and other writing-related topics.