TWSBI, Kai, 2023 Special Edition Fountain Pen

$179.00 CAD

Fountain Pen Description:

This gorgeous 2023 special edition fountain pen is made fof dark blue flecked acrylic resin and is complemented by rose gold-plated trim. TWSBI fountain pens are a modern writing instrument that uses a traditional piston ink-filling system and comes in a variety of finishes.

While the cap can be posted on the end of the pen, TWSBI recommends not doing so to avoid potentially scratching the acrylic barrel.

TWSBI fountain pens are extremely reliable, but can also be disassembled and reassembled by their owner! This is a traditional fountain pen that modern day society can appreciate!

Fountain Pen Specifications:

  • Material: Resin.
  • Trim colour: Rose Gold.
  • Demonstrator: No.
  • Closed: 141.6mm (5.57in).
  • Posted: n/a
  • Open: 128mm (5.03in).
  • Converter: Piston.
  • Cartridge type: n/a.
  • Cap type: Screw.
  • Nib colour: Rose Gold.
  • Nib material: Steel.
  • Weight: 31.0g (0.99oz).
  • Ink capacity: 1.45ml.
  • Gift box supplied.
Nib Size

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