TWSBI, Eco, Transparent Purple Fountain Pen

$47.00 CAD

Fountain Pen Description:

TWSBI's Eco is a classic piston filler fountain pen! TWSBI fountain pens are a modern writing instrument that uses a traditional piston ink-filling system and comes in a variety of finishes.

TWSBI fountain pens are extremely reliable, but can also be disassembled and reassembled by their owner! This is a traditional fountain pen that modern day society can appreciate!

The pens come equipped with a wrench and silicone grease. You won't need to use these tools immediately as they are intended for long-term maintenance.

Fountain Pen Specifications:

  • Material: Resin.
  • Trim colour: Silver.
  • Demonstrator: Yes.
  • Closed: 138.8mm (5.46in).
  • Posted: 167.5mm (6.59in).
  • Open: 131.6mm (5.18in).
  • Converter: Piston.
  • Cartridge type: n/a.
  • Cap type: Screw.
  • Nib colour: Silver.
  • Nib material: Steel.
  • Weight: 21.0g (0.74oz).
  • Ink capacity: 1.76ml.
  • Gift box supplied.
Nib Size

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
A stub pen that works

I have had many cursive and stub pens, all of which had issues with smoothness and feed. This is the first one which writes smoothly and glides across the page. and the 1.1 mm stub provides just the right amount of variation. This model was actually recommended by another online pen retailer to me (Goulet). So I sold all my unused pens on Kijiji and bought this one from Knight's (a dependable Canadian retailer). No regrets. Very rarely there is a lag in flow but nothing that can't be refreshed with a slightly firmer touch to the paper. The piston fed body holds a wonderful amount of ink and is so much easier to use than a converter.