Customer Feedback

We may be a new company, but take a look to see what our customers are saying about us. We are always please to receive feedback to let us know that we are doing a good job and help us to improve ourservice. Drop us a line at:

" I would like to thank you for the extra goodies. The sketch book you included I gave to my daughter. The other books I will keep for myself. Thank you for the other inks as well. It was very nice of you to give me these goodies and I am thrilled that I was your first customer.", M. B., Ontario.

"Thank you Knight's Writing Company! The pen and ink that you sent me were fantastic! Thanks for packing it so well and getting it to me quickly! Flawless service!", J.B., Ontario.

"Thanks for the bookmark and extra cartridge of ink. The Noodler pen writes much better than I had expected – honestly, I bought it to tinker around with (I have a bunch of #6 nibs and dismembered pen guts) and I had planned on a Frankenstein future for the pen but after giving it a good wash and loading it up with some ink I was surprised that a $20 pen writes so well. The line variation adds a little fun to the day.", T.G., British Columbia.

"Hi Graeme - just thought I'd send across a quick note to let you know my new Waterman Hemisphere just arrived and I absolutely love it.  I have to say the entire process of finding, buying, and receiving this new pen was very smooth (and quick). I greatly appreciate all your efforts and hope to be a return customer in the near future."R.R., Ontario.