Clairefontaine, Small Notebook, A7+, 24 Sheets, Lined

$2.95 CAD


A classic Clairefontaine staple bound notepad. Great for taking notes, sketching or drawing. Good paper for fountain pen or roller ball ink, and convenient for a pocket!

Covers come in various colours but I'm afraid we cannot guarantee what colour you get (which is kind of exciting)!


  • Paper: 90g acid-free, pH neutral.
  • Paper colour: White.
  • Binding position: Left.
  • Binding type: Staple.
  • Cover: Various.
  • Sheet count: 24.
  • Page count: 48.
  • Ruling: Line.
  • Dimensions: 75 mm x 120 mm (2.9 inches x 4.7 inches).
  • Weight: 26 g (0.9 oz).
  • Product # 3586C.