Pilot, Capless Rhodium, Black

$274.00 CAD

Fountain Pen Description:

The Pilot capless rhodium fountain pen is gorgeous, and a true engineering achievement and one of the most unique fountain pens that you will find on the market today. Known as the 'vanishing point' in the United States, this luxury fountain pen makes use of a push button similar to the type that you might find on a ballpoint. The nib retracts into the pen and the airtight seal prevents the nib from drying out. This is a luxurious fountain pen incorporating superb Japanese technology.

Fountain Pen Specifications:

  • Material: Metal.
  • Body length: 140 mm (5.5 inches)
  • Converter: Included.
  • Cartridge type: Proprietary Pilot.
  • Cap type: Capless.
  • Nib colour: Gold.
  • Nib material: 18k Gold.
  • Weight: 30g (1.05 oz).
  • Gift box supplied.
Nib Size